Talk about how excited you are to be on a bus. This traditional children's memory game is perfect for long car rides. Its been about four months since that great bus ride. Pretend that you are driving the bus, and call out all the stops. Simple games really can help pass the time on a long bus ride. Heres a look at some ways to keep yourself busy on your next long haul. ... Do the things you brought with you. Seems like you really had a lot of fun! Your guide to fun things to do in Long Beach, California, from famous attractions to local historic sites and annual events. Beat backseat boredom! ... if you both got a gameboy or ps3 would be fun. So we will be driving 12 hours to quebec city from my hometown in Ontario for a school trip. I do if I do not know anybody on the bus ride? Take pictures. I think it's 14 hours. Here are some fun and productive ideas for your next trip. It's a school trip, I'll be on a bus with my best friend, so what can we do? Tagged as: Activities, Car, fun, fun stuff, Games, Kids, road trip, travel tips Join thousands of readers and get great travel advice. We are taking a coach bus. Ever been on a long bus ride? 55 Ways to Enjoy a Long Car Ride. Making the most of a tedious bus ride. Complain about how bad the brakes are. Fun Facts; Quizzes; Sign in. ... Be patient Just keep a calm mentality about the bus ride. Blog > The 5 Awesome Things You Need to Do in a ... can be extremely fun. ... 7 Things NOT to Do in a Natural Disaster; The ride won't feel as long if you keep occupied. 19. I need things to do on a long bus ride? Wondering how to entertain yourself on a long bus, train or plane ride? ... How to Survive a Loooong Bus Ride. Act like a late night talk show host. 5 Things To Do During a Flight or Long Bus Ride, a list of 5 things to do during a flight or long bus ride. tomorrow my high school band is driving to Laredo for a football game, and I need to know some fun things we could do so I can pack my bag tonight. 12 Apps to make your bus, train or tube commute more fun and productive. September 05, 2012 ... but still fun." Sing songs with the word 'bus' in the lyrics, "Bus, bus, magic bus..." while wiggling around in the seat. 20. Anjali Sathyamurthy ... you move on to do wacky things that are more fun How to Enjoy Yourself on a Long Bus Ride. Read On a Bus from the story 100 Funny Things to do in School by MeganLuvsU (Not Megan) with 10,877 reads.35) Prank Falling asleep on a bus seat can be difficult and no matter how much of a seasoned traveler you are it will never be as comfortable as a real bed. The bus, ... twitches and jerks all night long in... Related Links. Pretend you are an aviation expert, tap at the windows, saying Looks pretty tough then ask somone if they have a bat you could use to test. ... to Boston bus ride? Well I am in 8th grade going into 9th and we are going to DC on a field trip, it is going to be a 4 hour ride. Make honking noises. Fun things to do on long bus rides? Here are 7 fun ideas to keep your kids entertained during your next road trip, while boosting brainpower and bonding with family. I need things to do on a long bus ride? Stay Entertained on Long Bus Rides ... and random things to do that I usually resort to. Having a Kindle is great for long bus trips, just dont forget to charge it fully Getting to Sleep. What to do with all that time sitting on the bus? Subscribe to

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